In Defense of Valentine’s Day (From someone BORN on Valentine’s Day)

In Defense of Valentine’s Day (From someone BORN on Valentine’s Day)

I was born on February 14th, 1975.  That means from the first time I fell in love until present day, I have had to get someone else something for my birthday. Ok, so maybe I wasn’t in a relationship every Valentine’s Day, but even so, I was likely pining for some girls affection resulting in me purchasing a gift (dinner/flowers/wine) for them on my birthday/Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day FAILS
Ok, so you don’t think you HAVE to get something for someone you love on Valentine’s Day?  Chances are you have a partner who pretends to also not regard the holiday as legitimate while secretly wishing you had at least gotten them a card to express your love last Valentine’s Day. No, you don’t HAVE to get your loved one something for Valentine’s Day, but you should WANT to do this.  That’s the whole point.  But Why should you want to do this?

Reminding them you care
Hallmark Holiday Schmallmark Holiday. This is the biggest excuse people site when refusing to get a present for someone else on Valentine’s Day.  In reality, it’s because you just forget.  It’s fine, you can forget, but remember that your spouse will see posts from all the other ladies talking about what they had done for them on Valentine’s Day from their spouses.

Don’t shit on Valentine’s Day because it is a reminder that you are really bad at expressing your love for your spouse. Shit on your dad or whomever you learned to be shitty at expressing your love from. Better yet, become self aware enough to realize that despite how automatic and contrived Valentine’s Day seems to you, the act of showing the one you love how you feel is extremely important. “But they KNOW I love them!” you might say. Well, that doesn’t mean they don’t want you to express it on the regular.

Oh, shit, I just realized I forgot to get anything for my wife for Valentine’s Day. I GOTTA GO!


-Matt Ward