Columbus Neighborhoods: Eastgate Centennial August 17th-19th

A Columbus neighborhood I have had a crush on for years is turning 100 coming up in August.  The Eastgate neigbhorhood came to be in 1917. More recently the community has seen a Civic Association come to life and the sometimes overlooked ‘best kept secret’ in Columbus has began to become a known desired place to live for couples looking to move to the city.

Here is an excerpt from the Eastgate Civic Association Press Release:

The Eastgate Centennial Celebration will include a film, walking tour
and street festival where you can learn the rich history of Eastgate, see its park-like streets, eclectic architecture and beautiful gardens, and meet its welcoming neighbors. The following events are scheduled:

Thursday, August 17 – 6:30 p.m. – Screening of neighborhood documentary “The Legacy of Eastgate,”
Columbus Metropolitan Library – Main Branch, 96 S. Grant Ave., Columbus, OH 43215

Friday, August 18 – 7:30 p.m. – Social hour for centennial volunteers, Old Bag of Nails Pub, 18 N. Nelson Road

Saturday, August 19 – 10:00 a.m. – Walking Tour of Eastgate in collaboration with Columbus Landmarks Foundation (begins at the corner of Nelson Rd. and Clifton Rd.); 12pm (noon) – 4 p.m. – Street Festival, Millbrook Way at Nelson Road with food, entertainment.  


For the Love of Eastgate

About two years ago I began my daily searching for homes to potentially buy in Columbus, Ohio. My wife and I had been in the south for the better part of ten years, living the first half in Carolina Beach, North Carolina and the second half in Knoxville, Tennessee. We had come up with a plan to sell our home in Knoxville and move to Columbus  by 2016.

During that time I began obsessively researching neighborhoods in Columbus. I had heard about Franklinton through the repeat articles I had read touting it as the next big up and coming neighborhood. Learning aobut it turned my wife and I on to Westgate as well.  Eventually, a friend told us about a small neighborhood to the east not far from Downtown called Eastgate.

Since that time we have fallen in and out of love with neighborhoods but Eastgate has never departed from our list of neighborhoods where we would want to live in Columbus.  Here is why.

Railroad Tracks
This might be on most people’s list of reasons NOT to love a place. Not me, nope. Especially when the railroad tracks are raised and form a definitive border to a neighborhood as is the case in Eastgate.   This is part of what makes it an enclave of sorts to me. Not a lot of through traffic besides what goes down Nelson road, but that isn’t through the heart of the neighborhood. that is on the eastern edge.

Alum Creek
Did you know Alum Creek has great smallmouth bass fishing?  Did you know people in the inner-city could fish for sportfish within a five minute walk from their home?  Yep, sure can, videos exist, see one below.

Alum Creek (the actual creek not resevoir) is the eastern border of Nelson Park, which is the eastern edge of Eastgate. On the other side of the Alum Creek you can see millionaires leisure decks and the backyards of the mansions of Bexley.

Nelson Park and Alum Creek Trail
Ok, Nelson park is a 30 acre park maintained somewhat by the City of Columbus. Yes, I could be nice about that but honestly it seems like one of Columbus’ forgotten parks. If I had an extra 20 million dollars laying around I would Bi-Centennial Park the shit out of Nelson Park.

Right along the Alum Creek to the is the Alum Creek Multi Purpose Trail. It does on forever and can take you all the way to Westerville to the North and all the way to Three Creeks Park in SE Columbus. A whopping 22 MILES of trail. It also connects with the 18 miles long Blacklick Trail in the SE. That is just awesome.

So give Eastgate a chance, check it out, hell, even come out to the Centennial Celebration if you read this in time!


Matt Ward